Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation

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What We Do

Our Aims and Activities
  1. To make good quality information available at diagnosis.
  2. We are in regular contact with the Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP’s) and Consultant Surgeons at the Churchill Hospital so new patients and their carers have contact with former patients, in hospital or at meetings with doctors, nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists.
  3. If asked by an ANP we will visit patients and carers on the wards or at home, either pre- or post-operatively.
  4. We have a help line which is open between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, seven days a week, manned by former patients, for patients and carers to get help or just to talk.
  5. As former patients ourselves, we are acutely aware that following the tremendous care and attention we received in hospital, the thought of going home was daunting – as it was also for our carers. We, therefore, take as much time as necessary to help patients and carers to adjust to their new life style and try to minimise the angst that is felt.
  6. We have a very particular concern for patients being sent home who have no carers as recuperation facilities are no longer available.
  7. Fund raising has now become an important and integral part of our activities, for additional programmes the hospital team wish to embark on or for any additional equipment that could help the recovery of patients (both in hospital and at home).