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Members' Questions and Answers

This page shows the questions raised by OOSO Members and the relevant answers.You are invited to submit your question via the Comments and Feedback form on the Contact Us page.

Please note that these questions are monitored so that any inappropriate use of this Q&A facility can be selectively removed before it reaches this page of the web site. This monitoring process means that there will be a delay before your question appears on this page.

With your permission we may forward your question to the medical team. Again with your permission, we may publish your question unanswered in order to get feedback from other OOSO Members.


I can handle the physical after effects of my operation. However, sometimes I just feel low. Am I the only one who has these psychological difficulties?
Bruno Sgromo
No you are not. We have learned from our experience with bariatric operations that psychological support is an important part of the recovery process. This might be the topic of a future video clip.

Could the web site have a Q&A page?
Q&A and Chat Room pages on web sites can be seen as an outlet by disgruntled, or mischievous individuals. OOSO cannot be a platform for an open forum where this might occur. It could damage our reputation and the feelings of others. However, we agree a Q&A page that shares positive solutions to questions submitted by our readers could be very worthwhile.. We will run this facility for a trial period to see how it goes.