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•  White fish and or prawn pie – chopped fish or prawns in a sauce made from organic
                       wholemeal brown flour, butter and organic oat milk, lightly seasoned with a sprinkle of
                       either cayenne pepper, or ½ teaspoon of English mustard - all topped with soft mashed
                       potato, baked to a crust on top, plus a steamed portion of carrot, kale, ‘pointy cabbage’,
                       broccoli, asparagus or purple sprouting on the side
                   •  Luxury prawn cocktail – ocean caught cooked and peeled prawns on a bed of lettuce,
                       chopped tomatoes and red onion, topped with a small amount of mare rose sauce – spoon
                       of low-fat mayonnaise, coloured with tomato sauce, drop of mustard, squeeze of lemon and
                       pinch of sea salt

               Post meal pleasures!

                   •  Glass of beer (or wine if you like)
                   •  Small snack bowl of walnuts
                   •  One chocolate

               Life after cancer can become an enriched experience, the knowledge gained by us is potentially
               transforming. Making changes that suit each of us, based on our own circumstances, can be
               empowering, so I hope you have gained something positive from reading this, and good luck.
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