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Here’s a selection of my typical meal options:


                   •  Cup of tea - normal tea with organic unsweetened oat milk or green tea
                   •  And a small glass of unsweetened fresh fruit juice with a dissolved soluble vitamin C tablet
                   •  And a vitamin supplement – usually ‘Centrum Performance’
                   •  And two of each - Cinnamon and Turmeric tablets
                   •  Ideally but not exclusively, organic brown wholemeal or whole grain toast with a small
                       amount of butter, organic spread – homemade jam or marmalade
                   •  Poached or scrambled organic chicken or duck egg on brown wholemeal or whole grain
                       toast, occasionally with a grilled field mushroom, seasoned with a pinch of Malden’s Sea Salt
                       and pepper, no butter
                       Grilled organic tomatoes and field mushroom on brown wholemeal or whole grain toast,
                       seasoned with a pinch of Malden’s Sea Salt and pepper, no butter
                   •  Bowl of organic natural oats with no additives, organic unsweetened oat milk, with
                       blueberries, bananas and or red grapes spread over the top
                   •  Fresh fruit salad or slice of melon

               Mid-morning snack!

                   •  Walnuts or hazelnuts
                   •  Blueberries, red grapes or a banana

               Lunch at home

                   •  Tap filtered water, or with unsweetened cordial e.g., Ribena, or small glass of fresh fruit juice
                   •  Fresh fruit – pear, banana, red grapes
                   •  Small baked potato – normal type or sweet potato, with home-made vegetable chilli, or
                       tuna, served with lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad – with balsamic dressing
                   •  Vegetable soup with toasted brown wholemeal bread croutons, lightly seasoned with
                       Malden’s Sea Salt and pepper, occasionally a small grating of parmesan cheese
                   •  Caesar salad with red grapes, walnuts, anchovies and small toasted organic brown bread
                       croutons, squeezed lemon and olive oil dressing, lightly seasoned with sea salt
                   •  Organic brown, wholemeal, whole grain bread sandwich options: salad fillings, cheese and
                       onion or pickle, tuna and sweetcorn
                   •  Freshly sliced tomatoes on wholemeal toast lightly with sea salt or balsamic vinegar

               Lunch eating out

                   •  Bottled still water
                   •  Either choose a starter or a main course, occasionally a pudding to share
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