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•  Starter: wild caught fish or seafood, vegetarian or vegan options
                   •  Main course: white fish options, preferably grilled but occasionally battered is Ok, with salad
                       or vegetables instead of chips
                   •  Waldorf (with walnuts!) or Caesar salad with beetroot, anchovies and a dressing
                   •  Open crab or tuna sandwich with salad
                   •  Stilton ploughman’s lunch
                   •  Vegetarian or vegan options – especially mushroom dishes
                   •  Puddings: occasional treat to share

               Tea time snacks

                   •  Tea with organic oat milk or black decaf coffee or green tea
                   •  Slice of homemade cake or nutty flapjack – made from organic wholemeal flower or organic
                       oats, olive oil, egg, brown sugar, fruit and spices
                   •  Wholemeal cracker with cheese and chutney
                   •  Small tin of oily fish, e.g., sardines, skippers, my favourite - sild

               Evening meal – no later than 7pm

               Here are four vegetarian and four fish dishes -

                   •  Wholemeal tagliatelle with mushroom or tomato and red onion-based source, fresh herbs,
                       lightly seasoned with Malden’s Sea Salt and Pepper, lightly grated parmesan cheese, with a
                       steamed portion of broccoli, asparagus or purple sprouting on the side
                   •  Vegetarian cottage pie, using Waitrose vegan haggis as the base – oven baked with a dash of
                       Worcester sauce before layered beneath a mash potato topping, baked till brown, plus a
                       steamed portion of carrot, kale, broccoli, asparagus or purple sprouting on the side
                   •  Vegetable chilli with kidney beans on steamed wild brown wholegrain rice, plus a steamed
                       portion of broccoli, asparagus or purple sprouting on the side
                   •  Curry: vegetable – parsnips or potato, or white fish curry spiced to taste, with a small portion
                       of wholegrain, steamed wild brown wholegrain rice, with either a small homemade red
                       onion kulcha on the side, or bhaji made from okra or cauliflower, with cucumber, tomato
                       and banana condiments
                   •  Orient (a): steamed, lightly seasoned white fish with fresh herbs, garlic, ginger and chilli with
                       water chestnuts, a small portion of rice noodles, steamed vegetables e.g., pak choy, mange
                       tout or mini corn cobs
                   •  Orient (b): sliced squid (defrosted from frozen) or prawns (not farmed) stir fried with fresh
                       green beans, chilli, ginger and fresh coriander, a small portion of steamed wild brown
                       wholegrain rice mixed with peas and topped with a small amount of crispy fried red onions
                       in garlic
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