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•  Be sure to chew food thoroughly and slowly, making sure everything is broken down before
                       swallowing.  This will reduce the instances of aches and pains as food travels through the
                       stomach and significantly help the digestive process.  By eating slowly, you will enjoy the
                       food more and finish the meal alongside others having ‘their normal portion’.
                   •  Avoid stodgy things like white bread, too much white rice or pasta, or foods difficult to chew
                       like red meat, steaks and pork chops.  These can temporarily clog up the system, causing
                       discomfort and possibly ‘dumping’ – aka rapid trips to the loo.
                   •  Avoid excessively sugary foods. Eating too much sugar can also cause ‘dumping’.

               Here are a few ideas and meal options to help you plan for your first year of recovery:

                         •  Tap or bottled water, if possible filtered to reduce impurities
                         •  Full cream milk, organic unsweetened oat or almond milk
                         •  Tea and coffee, made as you like
                         •  No added sugar fresh fruit juices
                         •  Natural fresh fruit milkshakes or smoothies, ideally home made from fresh produce
                         •  As discussed with your dietician: 'Build-Up', 'Complan' or 'Recovery' drinks and
                             nutritional supplements available from chemists/supermarkets,
                         •  Alcohol is Ok in moderation, if medication permits
                         •  Avoid / moderate sweetened fizzy drinks


                         •  Whole meal, whole grain toast, butter and a small spread of jam
                         •  Unsweetened shredded wheat or oats, low sugar granola with full cream milk or
                             organic oat/almond milk, light sprinkle of sugar or fresh fruit
                         •  Porridge or instant hot oat cereal with full cream milk or organic oat/almond milk and
                             a sprinkle of sugar, honey or jam
                         •  Scrambled egg (try duck eggs – very high in protein), boiled eggs, poached eggs with
                             well-buttered wholemeal, whole grain toast (be aware white bread in particular
                             maybe troublesome, can be lumpy causing bloating)
                         •  Smoked salmon or haddock – chopped over scrambled egg
                         •  Stewed fruit with full fat yoghurt
                         •  Wholemeal muffin or crumpet with a small spread of honey or jam

                         •  Fresh salad and cheese ploughman’s, with brown wholemeal/whole grain bread,
                             butter and pickles
                         •  Brown wholemeal/whole grain sandwiches with fillings such as tinned tuna, salmon,
                             chopped cold meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, grated cheese, egg and cress,
                             mayonnaise or pickles
                         •  Jacket potato, mash the centre of the potato with extra butter and add a filling such
                             as, grated cheese, low sugar baked beans, chilli beef mince, chopped chicken or tuna
                         •  Steamed fish with vegetables remembering to add butter to the vegetables.
                         •  Your choice of soup with added cream, wholemeal bread toasted croutons with
                             grated cheese

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