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•  Creamed rice pudding with extra cream, a small amount of honey or syrup
                   •  Pureed no sugar added fruit shakes and a small amount of ice cream

               Examples of soft ‘fork mashable’ foods:
                   •  Soft scrambled egg (added butter/cream) with finely chopped smoked salmon, sea salt
                   •  Oat cereal breakfast with whole fat milk and soft fruit – banana, blueberries
                   •  Brown whole meal, whole grain crisply toasted, crusts removed, plenty of butter
                   •  Blended crispy bacon Spanish omelette or the many other omelette variations
                   •  Soups with cream, fresh herbs, whole meal fried croutons topped with grated cheese
                   •  Steamed skinless fish fillet with mashed potato and softly cooked vegetables
                   •  Finley chopped chicken mixed with avocado and mash potato
                   •  Small portion of trifle with extra cream and full fat custard
                   •  Small portion of bread-and-butter pudding with extra cream or ice cream

               Here are a few ‘between meal’ snack options and ideas for when you are getting are past the pureed
               and fork mashable stage:

               Snacks and small treats:

                   •  high energy protein bar
                   •  nut and seed snacks
                   •  a small slice of your favourite cake – not too sweet
                   •  a square of your favourite chocolate bar
                   •  full fat yogurt with fresh fruit
                   •  wholemeal crackers and cheese
                   •  wholemeal bread sticks and a savoury dip

               The transition to sold foods

               Initially, pureed or soft foods are the sensible option, but after being at home for a while you will
               understandably want to get back to eating ‘normal food’.  This is a transitional process and should be
               tackled gradually, step by step, day by day. It may take up to 6 weeks before solid foods become the
               norm again.
               A first step for example could simply be having single a slice of brown wholemeal, wholegrain bread
               - toasted, lathered with butter with crusts cut off, adding a small portion of scrambled egg, or
               topped with honey, marmalade, marmite or jam.  Adding a strong flavoured topping helps to begin
               to restore taste.  Brown, whole grain bread crumbles nicely when toasted, lubricates well with
               butter, and is a relatively simple snack on the road to normal food.  As the process unfolds, don’t be
               afraid to ask you dietician for advice.
               Here’s a few tips to help your transition go smoothly:

                   •  During the first-year post-surgery it is very important to maintain and stabilise your weight.
                       This means continuing to eat high in fat and protein foods and avoiding too much sugar.
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